Action Item

Take Action and Help Our Profession!

  “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”.  John Fitzgerald Kennedy   This famous quote made 50 years ago by President Kennedy inspired idealistic young American to join the Peace Corps, VISTA and other groups to give to the country and the world.  Social workers [...]

News from NASW WI
  • Interns and Dave Hansen

    2014 Spring Newsletter

     The NASW-WI 2014 Spring Newsletter is here! Inside we have articles and information including:   Hannah Rosenthal & Lynn Sanford to Keynote at the 2014 NASW-WI Annual Conference NASW-WI Challenges Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare Debate on Legalization of Marijuana at the 2014 NASW-WI Annual Conference NASW-WI Testifies on Behalf of Higher Education Lower Debt for WI Bill [...]

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Thoughts from the Executive Director
  • Marc Herstand


    The political discourse seems tremendously partisan these days.  In Wisconsin most voters have either a very strong positive or negative view of our Governor, whose term has not been characterized by bi-partisan compromise and working across the aisle.  On a national level it seems like as long as Obama has been President, the Republicans have [...]

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From the President
  • Cornelia (Corky) Gordon Hempe

    Voting for NASW-WI Officers

    Most social workers take the time to examine position statements of candidates for public office and cast their votes for those whose positions they most favor.  However, when it comes to voting for the officers of your professional association (NASW and NASW-WI), fewer social workers tend to vote.  Later this spring all members of NASW-WI [...]

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