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+-*“Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. John Fitzgerald Kennedy This famous quote made 50 years ago by President Kennedy inspired idealistic young American to join the Peace Corps, VISTA and other groups to give to the country and the world. Social workers live this value […]

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Movie Time

+-*Wednesday, October 19th – An intimate portrait of Malala and her family, and their fight for the right of girls everywhere to go to school.


Annual Conference Workshop

+-*Wednesday, October 19th – Up-to-date information on the opioid and herion problems in Wisconsin including signs, symptoms and treatment challenges.


Annual Conference Workshop

+-*Friday, October 21st – This workshop will provide a framework for working with Native American families in this current millennium.


Annual Conference Workshop

+-*Wednesday, October 19th – A discussion of assessment and intervention strategies for social workers assisting clients with mild cognitive impairment, dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Hearing Voices

Annual Conference Workshop

+-*Thursday, October 20th – An interactive training workshop that simulates what it is like to hear distressing voices.

Preventing Gun Violence

Annual Conference Workshop

+-*Wednesday, October 19th – Examine the nature of gun violence and, importantly, the research that highlights the most effective approaches to preventing gun violence and saving lives.

Keynote Speakers

Annual Conference Keynote Speakers

+-*Wednesday, October 19th – Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC, presents The Future of Social Work Practice in America. Thursday, October 20th – Elvira Craig de Silva, DSW, ACSW, presents Reflections on 50 Years in Social Work Practice.


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+-*This year’s conference will cover topics such as Social Justice, Diversity, Mental Health, Ethics, Corrections, and Clinical Practice to name a few. Check back often for updates and previews of what’s to come!

News from NASW WI
  • 2016 Annual Conference

    2016 Summer – The Wisconsin Social Worker Newsletter

    +-*The NASW-WI 2016 Summer Newsletter is here! Inside we have articles and information including:   2016-2017 Election Winners NASW WI Legislative Priorities NASW WI Stops Rule Undermining Clinical Licensure 2016 Annual Conference At A Glance NASW Modernization Emily’s Last President’s Column Wisconsin’s New Emergency Detention Guidelines NASW […]

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Thoughts from the Executive Director
From the President
  • Emily Kenney

    The President’s Column

    +-*by Emily Kenney, MSW, LCSW Here it is. My last article. I have been on the NASW-WI board for 5 years, and no year has been more busy and full of work than this one!  NASW has its work cut out moving forward. I know […]

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