2019 NASW WI Advocacy Day






Over 400 Students and Professionals Attended!

Thank you to all who participated!


The Issues



Caseload Size/ Supervisory Ratio Bill
Wisconsin Counties Association will discuss their increase for $30,000,000 for county human services departments so they can lower caseload sizes of child welfare social workers and caseworkers.

Gun Violence Prevention
Wisconsin Anti-Violence Education Fund (WAVE) will discuss 3 bills: Lethal Violence Protection (aka Red Flag legislation), closing loopholes on background checks, and reinstating a 48 hour waiting period for the purchase of handguns. 
Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Executive Director Matt Rothschild will discuss the benefits of a Redistricting Bill that would end gerrymandering in Wisconsin and require that state and federal legislative districts be drawn in an impartial and fair manner.
Child Victim’s Act
NASW-WI Director Marc Herstand will discuss a 3-year release of the statute of limitations of childhood victims of sexual assault who are over the age of 35.
WI State Budget
John Peacock, director of Kids Forward, will discuss the impact of the state budget on children and families in Wisconsin and how we can advocate for a budget that supports the most vulnerable residents.
Advocacy 101
First timer? Nervous about meeting with your legislators? Choose this session to learn how to be effective! This course is STRONGLY encouraged for first-time attendees. Taught by longtime advocate Michael Blumenfeld.