Member Services


All done under the guidance of NASW-WI Executive Director, Marc Herstand, MSW, CISW

  • Lobby Day April 2017 - 510 social work students and practitioners in attendance. Lobbied on:
    · State budget
    · Higher Education Lower Debt Bill
    · Mental Health Services in In-home Settings
    · Child Victim’s Act
    · Second Chance Legislation
  • Herstand testified in opposition to the Blue Lives Matter Bill, which would water down hate crime legislation by adding police officers to this law.
  • Developed position paper in opposition of the balanced budget amendment and distributed it to all 99 Assembly offices.
  •  Developed position paper to support a bill banning reparative therapy with LGBT youth and distributed it to Senate and Assembly Committee members.
  • Herstand and NASW-WI members testified at an Assembly Committee on Health hearing to encourage legislators to require Department of Health Services (DHS) to reimburse independently practicing licensed mental health professionals for in-home settings.
  • Lobbying efforts resulted in a new law requiring DHS to reimburse independently practicing licensed clinical social workers for mental health services in the public schools.
  • Lobbying resulted in blocking a Department of Safety and Professional Services’ rule that would have allowed social workers without clinical social work training to obtain clinical social work licensure.
  • Lobbying efforts helped stop a rule that would have eliminated the state jurisprudence exam for social work applicants.
  • Herstand spoke at a press conference as part of the ‘Better Choices Coalition” promoting an alternative budget that supports human services, education and health needs in Wisconsin.
  • Herstand recruited Republican State Representative Michael Schraa to serve as a lead sponsor for the Child Victim’s Act. This bill would provide a three-year release of the statute of limitations for victims of child sexual assault so they could sue their perpetrator in civil court.
  • Participating in a statewide gun safety prevention coalition advocating for safe and smart gun laws.
  • Organized a meeting with the Department of Health Services to advocate for higher salaries for licensed clinical social workers at Mendota Mental Health Center, which resulted in a 9-10% salary increase.
  • Participates in quarterly meetings with Department of Health Services’ staff to represent the concerns of Wisconsin clinical social workers.
  • Met with a Human Resources Supervisor at the Department of Corrections (DOC) to promote the hiring of professional social workers. As a result, more offices and divisions of DOC are now seeking social worker interns.
  • Testified against and mobilized opposition to the “Transgender Bathroom Bill,” which died in the legislative session.
  • Organized, testified and helped kill a bill that would have eliminated the Social Work Section of the Examining Board and allowed other professions to control who becomes a social worker.
  • Helped stop a Rock County proposal to require social workers to wear body cameras.
  • Herstand spoke at a press conference on behalf of the Higher Education Lower Debt Bill, which would allow Wisconsin residents to refinance their federal student loans at a lower interest rate and to deduct the principle of their loan from their state taxes.


Position Papers

  • Planned Parenthood
    In opposition to defunding the program
  • Constitutional Convention
    In opposition of the Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution
  • Reparative Therapy
    In support of a bill banning reparative/conversion therapy with LGBT youth


Fact Sheets

  • Social Work and Corrections
    Promoting the hiring of social workers in criminal justice and correctional positions
  • Social Work in Child Welfare
    Promoting the hiring of social workers in child welfare positions
  • Hospital Social Work
    Promoting the hiring of social workers in hospital social work positions
  • Voter ID Law in Wisconsin
    Understanding the ID requirements with specific sheets for types of school identification cards


NASW-WI also does other amazing work:

  • Offers a resume and cover letter review service for members.
  • Compiles a weekly list of social work jobs throughout the state for subscribing members.
  • Has a Student Ambassador program to represent NASW-WI at social work programs in Wisconsin.