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All done under the guidance of NASW-WI Executive Director, Marc Herstand, MSW, CISW

  • NASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand sent an Op-Ed piece to the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and Wisconsin State Journal responding to the Pennsylvania clergy scandal and calling for passage of the Child Victim’s Act.
  • ASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand met with Maggie Gau, campaign manager for Tony Evers for Governor and discussed the Higher Education Lower Debt Bill, the Child Victim’s Act and the Lethal Violence Protection Ordinance.
  • Wisconsin Social Workers PAC, the political arm of NASW WI, provided endorsements in the Governor and Attorney General’s race along with endorsements to 12 State Senators, 34 State Representatives, six State Senate challengers and 28 State Assembly challengers.
  • NASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand met with Democratic Attorney General Candidate Josh Kaul to obtain his support for the Child Victim’s Act and the Lethal Violence Protection Ordinance (Red flag legislation) Mr. Kaul expressed his support for these two bills.
  • NASW WI’s Task Force on Substance Abuse met with the Department of Health Services to advocate for the reductions of barriers for licensed clinical social workers to provide substance abuse services in DHS 35 and 75 clinics.
  • NASW WI developed a “report card” rating Wisconsin State Senators and Representatives based upon their votes on bills identified by NASW WI as important to the profession or the well being of our clients.
  • NASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand was interviewed on camera by Madison’s Channel 3 television regarding NASW WI’s opposition to a bill that would undermine the Affordable Care Act.
  • NASW WI lobbying resulted in the Wisconsin State Legislature passing a bill protecting social work standards for clinical social workers and another bill protecting the use of a state jurisprudence exam for social work applicants.
  • NASW WI Executive Director Marc Herstand spoke before the Examining Board of Marriage and Family Therapists, Professional Counselors and Social Workers and requested that they ban conversation/reparative therapy with LGBT youth.
  • Lobbying efforts resulted in the Dept. of Health Services agreeing to reimburse independently practicing mental health professionals for in-home services to children by May 2018.
  • Developed position paper in opposition of the balanced budget amendment to the United States Constitution and distributed it to all 99 Assembly and 33 Senate offices.
  • Organized Lobby Day 2017, which drew 510 social work students and practitioners who met with their State Senators and State Representatives on the state budget, the Higher Ed Lower Debt bill, the Mental Health Services in In-Home Settings bill, the Child Victim’s Act and Second Chance legislation.
  • Herstand testified against a bill that would sunset all administrative rules every seven years, which could threaten social work standards in certification or licensure.
  • Lobbying efforts resulted in the Department of Health Services agreeing to eliminate Prior Authorization for outpatient mental health and substance abuse services effective October 1st, 2017.
  • Herstand testified in opposition to the Blue Lives Matter bill, which would water down hate crime legislation by adding police officers to this law. Lobbying efforts resulted in a new law requiring DHS to reimburse independently practicing licensed clinical social workers for mental health services in the public schools.
  • Herstand lobbied Republican legislators to support the Child Victim’s Act. This bill would provide a three-year release of the statute of limitations for victims of child sexual assault so they could sue their perpetrator in civil court.
  • Participating in a statewide gun safety prevention coalition advocating for safe and smart gun laws.
  • Organized a meeting with the Department of Health Services to advocate for higher salaries for licensed clinical social workers at Mendota Mental Health Center, which resulted in a 9-10% salary increase.
  • Met with a Human Resources Supervisor at the Department of Corrections (DOC) to promote the hiring of professional social workers. As a result, more offices and divisions of DOC are now seeking social worker interns.
  • Organized, testified and helped kill a bill that would have eliminated the Social Work Section of the Examining Board and allowed other professions to control who becomes a social worker.
  • Helped stop a Rock County proposal to require social workers to wear body cameras.

Position Papers

  • Planned Parenthood
    • In opposition to defunding the program
  • Constitutional Convention
    • In opposition of the Balanced Budget Amendment to the US Constitution
  • Reparative Therapy
    • In support of a bill banning reparative/conversion therapy with LGBT youth

Fact Sheets

  • Social Work and Corrections
    • Promoting the hiring of social workers in criminal justice and correctional positions
  • Social Work in Child Welfare
    • Promoting the hiring of social workers in child welfare positions
  • Hospital Social Work
    • Promoting the hiring of social workers in hospital social work positions
  • Voter ID Law in Wisconsin
    • Understanding the ID requirements with specific sheets for types of school identification cards

NASW-WI also does other amazing work:

• Offers a resume and cover letter review service for members.
• Compiles a weekly list of social work jobs throughout the state for subscribing members.