Wisconsin Social Worker Chapter Newsletter

Current Issue 

The Fall 2013 is now available. 

Topics covered in the Fall issue include

  • NASW WI Challenges State on Declassification of Child Abuse Positions
  • Meet Your New NASW WI Board Members
  • Annual Conference Highlights
  • NASW WI Establishes Jobs and Salary Task Force
  • 2013 Salary Survey Summary

If you would like us to mail a hard copy newsletter please contact Anne Courtney at the NASW WI. You may call toll free at 866-462-7994, or 608-257-6334, or email her at  naswwi@naswwi.org. Also contact her if you have any additional questions.

Previous Issues

The Spring 2013 WI Social Worker is now available. 

Topics covered in the Spring issue include

  • King Davis to Keynote at Annual Conference
  • Dawn Shelton-Williams Receives Black Excellence Award
  • New Psychotherapy Codes for Clinicians  
  • Advocacy Day Issues and Speakers
  • NASW Liability Insurance  Updates
  • Northeast Branch Spring Conference
  • South Central Branch Social Work Month Event

The Autumn 2012 WI Social Worker is now available. 

Topics covered in the Autumn issue include:

  • NASW Anounces a New Liability Insurance Partner
  • In Memoriam: Jane Thompson
  • Annual Conference Sessions
  • Answering Your Questions about Correspondence from APA
  • NASW WI Advocates MA Reimbursement for CAPSW’s
  • NASW WI Board Discusses Liability Insurance for Social Workers Transporting Clients  

WI Social Worker – May 2012  

Topics covered in the May issue include:

  • Recap of the Legislative Session
  • Tamara Grigsby to Leave State Assembly
  • WI Social Workers PAC Endorsements
  • Annual Conference Previews
  • LSP Committee Rates Legislators
  • Upcoming Branch Events and Activities

WI Social Worker Newsletter – February 2012  

Topics covered in the February issue include:

  • Darrell P. Wheeler, PhD, ACSW, MPH, Dean of the Loyola School of Social Work to Keynote at Annual Conference
  • NASW WI Challenges Humana/Lifesynch on Clinical Reimbursement
  • Upcoming Teleconference and Webinar Information
  • South Central and North Central Branch Social Work Month events
  • NASW WI Diversity Task Force Objectives for 2012
  • Eileen Mershart, MSW to deliver Keynote at NASW WI Annual Conference
  • NASW WI Healthcare Survey results

Wisconsin Social Worker Newsletter November 2011

Topics covered in the November issue include:

  • Understanding Obama’s New Student Loan Program
  • NASW WI Position Paper on Medicaid Cuts
  • Coverage of the 2011 Annual Conference
  • “From Discrimination to Inspiration” by NASW WI Autumn 2011 Intern Rachel Fleming
  • NASW WI Positions on Pending Legislation
  • DHS Eliminates Physician Prescription Requirement

Wisconsin Social Worker Newsletter – August 2011 newsletter

Topics covered in the August issue include:

  • NASW WI Mourns the Passing of Anita Zibton
  • Meet Your New Board and NLI Members
  • LCSW, CAPSW & CISW: What Are the Differences
  • A “”Fair and Balanced” Summer by NASW WI Intern Sara Pennebecker
  • Issues with Logisticare
  • NASW WI Advocates for Reimbursement of QTT’s

May 2011 Newsletter

Topics covered in the May issue include:

  • Coverage of the 2011 Lobby Day, including a photo gallery
  • SW Section Discusses Collective Bargaining Resolution
  • Stories on the 2011 Annual Conference keynote speakers and the Town Hall panel
  • A Day in the Life of an NASW WI Intern
  • NASW WI Legislative Digest