NASW-WI Chapter Mentor Contact Program

This program is available for NASW members only.

If you are looking for a mentor:

  • Are you a new social work professional seeking advice, support and/or information from an experienced social worker in your field?
  • Are you a social work student who would like to learn more about an area of social work?
  • Are you a social worker who is switching your area of practice and need some pointers?

If so, NASW-WI’s Mentor Contact Program can help you!  Contact us and we will send you a list of NASW-WI members who have agreed to serve as mentor contacts.  Once you receive the list you can contact the individual who you would like to serve as your mentor.

Sign up to be a mentor:
Are you an experienced social work professional with an expertise that you are willing to share with a social work student, new social work professional or social work colleague?  The Mentor Contact Program is designed to provide a mentoring contact for social work students, new social work professionals, social workers moving to WI, social workers switching their area of practice and other social workers with a question in an area of expertise.  Mentors are NASW-WI members with an expertise who are willing to be contacted via email or phone from a mentor listed compiled by the chapter.

If you would be willing to serve as a mentor please contact the Executive Director, Marc Herstand, at