Student Resources

NASW WI is the largest organization of professional social workers in Wisconsin, and we provide a variety of products, services and opportunities. NASW’s primary functions include promoting the professional development of its members, establishing and maintaining professional standards of practice, advancing sound social policies, and providing services that protect its members and enhance their professional status.

Student members receive these full benefits at a 75% savings! NASW is your best connection to the ideas, information, resources and people that will help you achieve your full potential as a student and as a future social work professional.

View details on the benefits of student and transitional membership.

After graduation, NASW continues to help subsidize dues for student members. If you maintain continuous membership, you will be able to take advantage of the transitional category of membership after graduation. Visit NASW National for more information and to Join NASW.

Check Us Out on Facebook

NASW WI has created a Facebook profile to facilitate networking social work students, young professionals, and persons interested in the field of Social Work.  Our profile lists information about programs and resources NASW offers. It also will list upcoming events NASW WI sponsors and includes information on how to join!

This exciting new program was suggested by our Membership Committee, approved by our Board of Directors, and implemented and maintained by our student intern. At the office we hope to inform our current members about the many things we do for them and recruit more members into the organization.

If you are a Facebook user add us as your friend and look at all of the things we have offered to our friends!