Voter ID Resources

How Students Can Register and Vote in the WI ElectionsYour Vote Counts!

With the new Voter Photo ID Law in Wisconsin the NASW-WI has prepared this fact sheet so you can be registered and vote in the upcoming Presidential Primary and General Election

Have I got the right photo ID to vote?

The most common forms of photo ID are:

  • WI Driver License or Receipt
  • WI State ID Card or Receipt
  • US Passport
  • Veteran Affairs ID
  • Military ID
  • Tribal ID
  • Certificate of Naturalization

The address on your ID needs to be current unless you bring proof of residency. Only a WI driver license, state ID, military ID, or US Passport can still be used if it’s expired, but only if they expired after November 4, 2014.

Can I use my student photo ID to vote?

Yes, if it is has:

  • Your name and a photo of you
  • Your signature
  • The date the ID was issued
  • The date the card expires which must be less than two years after the card was issued

You must also have a separate document the proves enrollment if you use your student ID. Ask your college for a copy of your tuition bill as this is probably the most common form for proof of enrollment. Some colleges may be issuing new student IDs for voting purposes, that meet these requirements, so check with your student information center or student affairs office.

I’m not from Wisconsin, can I still vote here?

Yes, but what you need to do will depend if you live on or off campus.

If you live on campus:

Bring one of the approved photo IDs listed above and proof of your enrollment.

If you live off campus:

Bring one of the approved photo IDs listed above and proof of residency, most commonly used is a utility bill but a more comprehensive list is available at:

Can I vote at my hometown/parents address instead of my schools?

Yes, if you already registered at another address that you return to during school breaks you may continue to vote there. If you live and plan to vote out of state understand that the requirements for voting may be different, and it is highly suggested you look up the requirements for that state ASAP.

If you have not registered at another address previously or at your schools address than you may choose where to register and vote. You will need proof of residency, a list of which can be found at the link under the off-campus living section.

I’ve previously registered to vote, how do I change my voting address?

You will need to re-register if you are living and planning on voting in a different address than in the last election you participated in. Just follow the instructions in the section below.

I have not previously registered to vote, how and when should I do this?

You will need to go to and follow the instructions provided. You will not have time to mail in your application, but you can do it in person at your municipal clerk’s office or on the day of the election in your designated polling place.

I’m going to graduate before the General Election, what should I do?

If you registered at your school’s address you may continue to vote at that address until you have lived at your new address for 28 consecutive days. But double check which proof of residency you will use, some require you to have used that address for over 90 days before the election.

For more information or further details go to: