Winter Webinar Series – 2/8/18

February 8, 2018
12:00 – 1:00 pm, CST

kathy_014The Crisis & Trauma of Family Violence

Presented by Kathryn Dixon, MSW, LCSW

This webinar will provide a synopsis of manifestations, preventive strategies and interventions applicable to family violence.  Along the family violence crisis intervention continuum, the foremost goal is to return crisis-affected individuals and families to stability. Equally important are to assist in the remediation of the damage caused by crisis, as well as to maximize the efficient allocation of resources and preventing a similar crisis from happening again. While almost all communities in America have some resources to assist with family violence, the type of services provided will depend on the particulars of each situation.  It is important that social workers who respond to a family violence crisis have current local information about specific services available to assist those in need.


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$20 – Members – Student/Unemployed/Retired
$35 – Non Members

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