Winter Webinar Series – 3/7/18

March 7, 2018
12:00 – 1:00 pm, CST

Human Trafficking of Children Involved in Child-Welfare

Presented by Areesah Abdus-Shakur, LMSW

Human Trafficking is a “hidden abuse” because it is difficult to recognize or assess. Unfortunately, there are times when children involved in child welfare services become trafficked children while in our care. Literature and research tell us that assessing trafficked children will require a new lens, a new view of reasons that may inform the behavior of a child in our care. Learn about what human trafficking involves, laws to protect trafficked persons, prevalence in general and in child welfare, barriers to assessment, screening tools and assessment.


$25 – Members 
$20 – Members – Student/Unemployed/Retired
$35 – Non Members

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