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  • Dear NASW WI Members I am writing to ask for your help in getting a ban on Conversion Therapy passed as a rule at the State Legislature.  Clearinghouse Rule 19-166 is currently sitting in the Joint Committee on the Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR) who will vote to either pass or reject the rule.  This […]Take Action

NASW WI Continuing Education Approval Program

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NASW-WI 46th Annual Conference

Registration is Open! #NASWWI2020AC

NASW WI Meets Your CE Approval Needs

NASW WI is authorized to approve CE programs relevant to the professional practice of social work.

News from NASW WI
  • 2020 Summer Wisconsin Social Worker Newsletter

    The NASW-WI  2020 Summer Wisconsin Social Worker Newsletter is here!  Inside we have articles and information including:   Welcome New 2020-2021 Board Members Black Lives Matter Update on Chapter Activities During COVID-19 NASW-WI 2020 Annual Conference Social Work During the Time of a Pandemic Behavioral Health Integration in Rural […]

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Thoughts from the Executive Director
  • Marc Herstand


    “But you are a black boy, and you must be responsible for your body in a way that other boys cannot know. Indeed, you must be responsible for the worst actions of other black bodies, which, somehow, will always be assigned to you. And you […]

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From the President
  • Farewell from the President

    As the crabapple trees in my yard begin to burst into bloom, I write to you my final newsletter as your president. What a short yet strange trip it has been! Over the past two years, Marc and I have had the honor and privilege […]

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