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NASW WI Continuing Education Approval Program

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2020 Winter Webinar Series


2020 One Day Workshop

Registration is Now Open!

NASW WI Meets Your CE Approval Needs

NASW WI is authorized to approve CE programs relevant to the professional practice of social work.

News from NASW WI
  • 2019 Winter Wisconsin Social Worker Newsletter

    The NASW WI  2019 Winter Wisconsin Social Worker Newsletter is here!  Inside we have articles and information including:   NASW-WI Advocates for Insurance Reimbursement for CAPSW’s Ada Deer Publishes Memoir NASW-WI Diversity Goals Edith Brown Receives Lifetime Achievement Award Reverend Joseph Ellwanger Receives Public Service Award […]

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Thoughts from the Executive Director
From the President
  • Change is Just a Few Clicks Away

    By Kristi Wood, MSW, APSW A few years ago, I was scooping up my daily mail and was about to throw most of it into the recycling bin, when an envelope from the U.S. Senate caught my eye. Was this junk mail? On this rare […]

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