2011-13 Goals: Members, Media & Marketing, oh my!

Autumnal Greetings, Wisconsin social workers! Are we having fun yet? In the daily barrage of political dysfunction, Wall St. occupation, medicaid cuts and bureaucratic bungling, we certainly have our work cut out for us. Why anyone would think carrying or concealing a gun in this environment would improve matters remains a mystery to me. While remaining true to our mission, your NASW-WI Board developed five overarching goals for the coming biennium, 2011-2013. Our focus is all about membership, marketing and diversity, in a variety of ways. We intend to grow as a strong, resilient, multicultural and youthful Chapter.¬†We strive to increase an ongoing connection for members of the local branches and to enhance your opportunity to access a range of continuing education opportunities, online and in person. We desire to stimulate your professional goals! We are committed to keeping our standing committees as active as ever and invite you to participate in one or many of these ongoing opportunities to express your voice and vision. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The Revolution is upon us!

The 2011-2013 Goals for the Chapter will be to:

1. Develop a membership program targeting younger social workers, social workers of color, mid career social workers, degreed social workers, academics and other under-represented social work professionals
2. Develop a marketing plan with a focus on Continuing education programs, improving Wisconsin social worker’s and NASW-WI’s image by utilizing this website and other social media outlets.
3.  Support and promote Branch programming and networking in an attempt to promote and engage communication and relationship between members.
4. Expand and enhance continued education (CE) offerings by diversifying NASW-WI CE options and target audience.
5. Explore possible restructuring models for the Chapter to increase efficiency, services to members and address health care insurance costs.
Thanks to anyone who has returned the recent survey sent to you in an email about health insurance costs of members. We are a passionate, active, politically engaged, community building group of social workers. We look forward to moving ahead with our professional goals and our Chapter’s success at the forefront of our agenda. We look forward to helping you stay connected! Be well, stay warm and join your local branch to have some fun and socialize.