After the conference

by Marc Herstand, MSW, CISW

Our 37th annual conference is now complete!   It is always a great pleasure to see social workers from across the state, some of whom I only see once a year. 

Each person who attends the conference has their own special experiences and moments.   For me the special experiences included: a frank and poignant, yet hopeful discussion at the legislative session with State Senator Mark Miller and State Representative Donna Seidel; a most inspiring keynote address by Dane County United Way Director Leslie Ann Howard on their truly remarkable achievements tackling serious community problems; a powerful panel of speakers at the Town Hall Meeting on immigration; an interactive, insightful and personal growth enhancing session on Mindfulness presented by Mare Chapman and an excellent seminar on social work leadership conducted by Gail Trimberger and Joan Groessl.   It was also great to meet our national President and get her national and international perspective on social work and NASW.

 2011 annual conference attendees were also able to take advantage of our annual job board of 76 current jobs offered throughout the state, a networking session for people in their branch and some interesting exhibiters including the poster session by Carlos Estrada on health care and social work in Cuba.

 If you were not able to attend the conference, you will still be able to learn from and interact with up to ten of our annual conference presenters via a year long NASW WI teleconference series that will begin in January 2012.  Secondly if you are an NASW member and would like to see the jobs that were displayed at the conference, you can email our student intern Rachel Fleming at and she will send it to you.

 Speaking of jobs, NASW WI continues to email jobs on a weekly and sometimes daily basis as we receive them in the office to subscribing members.  If you are a member of NASW WI and would like to subscribe to our job listing service, simply email Rachel Fleming at