Happy Holidays!

I am sitting here writing this article in my living room with my mother holding my brand new son. The Kenney household had quite a busy Thanksgiving. My family of origin came into town from Colorado and my husband and I went to the hospital to deliver a baby. (For those who are interested, William was born on 11/28/15 at 1:09am. We are both happy and healthy.)

As social workers, I’m sure you all can relate to giving all the time. My husband and I are foster parents, and in addition to our work lives, our personal lives are busy with caring for others. This holiday season, we are practicing allowing others to take care of us, and I thought it an always-appropriate reminder for our members this season.

We could not have done everything without my parents’ help. Thanksgiving dinner was delayed until we came home from the hospital, but we had a lovely meal that I didn’t have to prepare. Our foster children were well-cared for in our time away and I have lots of help throughout the day. Writing this article would be considerably harder with an infant and a laptop in my lap!

Accepting this help has allowed me to keep my energy reserves full and focus on the things that are important in my life. I encourage all of you to have a similar focus this holiday season- accept help when you need it, keep your reserves full, focus on what is important in your lives and make these happy holidays!