Let us hear from you over the Summer!

Hello awesome NASW-Wisconsin social workers! Since my last post in April, it feels like a full year has gone by! Is it just me or does anyone else have a case of Information Fatigue ? Along with my role as President and the good fortune of a having a full-time job, it seems everyday a new bizarre political issue (faking Democrats) cutback (eliminating Wiscnet from state schools) or catastrophe (whatever you deem appropriate here) is revealed. Somehow with all the ups and downs, twirls and spins, I sense that this dizzying political circus has engaged me and others like never before. Here in the Southeast Branch we’re forging ahead with recall efforts, in hopes of having Sandy Paasch as our new Senator. NASW-WI gave Sandy an award last year for her persistent and supportive involvement with mental health parity. Do join us on Saturday June 25th for canvassing. We need your involvement, your voice, now more than ever.

I’ve attended several events for social workers here in Milwaukee and spent a day in Madison with Marc developing ideas for our upcoming Board retreat which will be held July 30th. This day-long meeting allows your NASW-Board the time to revise and develop new strategies and goals for the coming two years.If you have suggestions or comments about the way you’d like to see NASW-WI doing business, please, please let your Branch Rep, Marc Herstand or myself know! We need your voices to function! Do contribute, whatever you may be thinking about. I personally would love to hear from you especially if you’re working in a remote area of the state. I would like to photograph you and add you the Gallery of Great Wisconsin Social Workers which will be part of our annual conference in September. So give me a call and let me know when you’re available. You can reach me via email roberta@uwm.edu or call 414-229-6026 and leave a message. I hope you all have great summers and I look forward to hearing from you.