2020 NASW-WI Chapter Elections

Your Vote Counts!The 2020 NASW-WI Chapter online elections for statewide and regional board of directors positions will begin on Friday, May 15th, 2020.

Candidate statements and bios are posted below. They can also be read on the Survey Monkey ballot site.

In order to vote you will need your membership number. Please refer to the postcard that was mailed on May 8th to all NASW-WI members that includes your membership number. You can also call the NASW-WI office at 608-257-6334 or 866-462-7994 (toll-free in WI) to request this information, or to request a paper ballot. Paper ballots must be requested by Friday, May 22, 2020 and postmarked by Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020.

To cast your vote in the election go to:

The deadline for the election is midnight on Friday, June 5th, 2020.
All online votes must be cast by this time and all mailed in ballots must be postmarked by Wednesday, June 3rd.

Thank you for helping to make this election cycle a success!


Kristi has served on the NASW-WI Board since 2014, in the roles of South Central Representative, Secretary, President-Elect, and President. She has worked in the child welfare field for nearly thirty years, primarily in residential treatment, group home, and foster care environments. She and her partner Shannon have fostered over forty teen boys, assisting many of them in their transition into adulthood. She has been a social worker with Columbia County Health and Human Services, and a lecturer in the Human Services Associate Degree program at Madison College. Kristi is currently a lecturer in the Social Work department at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, and is also a foster parent trainer for the Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership. She has served on the NASW-WI Legislative and Social Policy committee since 2014, and from 2016-2018 served on the NASW Child Welfare Specialty Practice Section committee.

Position Statement: 

NASW-WI is a fierce advocate for the social work profession and the people we serve. I have been honored to be a part of providing testimony to our state legislature, meeting with state senators and representatives, and encouraging other social workers to advocate for legislative and policy changes that will benefit our society. I particularly enjoy helping social work students to find their ‘spark’ and to see the value of advocacy. Although my term as President is nearly up, I will strive to stay as actively involved with our chapter as I have been. There are always areas in which we need to keep up the good fight, and when members are actively involved, we have experienced big wins for our profession. It is with the small efforts of many of us that we accomplish great feats.

I have been truly honored to serve on the NASW-WI Board, and ask for your vote to keep me on the Board as Secretary.



My name is Katie Krueger from Milwaukee, WI. After graduating with my undergraduate degree in Spanish from UW-Milwaukee in 2015, I knew there was something more for me to pursue to further my education and develop skills to benefit my community. Healthcare and the dedication to bettering social elements for all people are passions that led me to work in Administration for the Radiation Oncology Department at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin. There, I was able to see first-hand this vulnerable population of cancer patients that need advocacy at all levels. The partnership between Froedtert and MCW and Aurora University in Illinois led me to begin a dual master’s program in Social Work and Business Administration in 2018 which has still allowed me to balance full-time work and school. I am in my final year with the anticipated graduation date of December 2020.

Position Statement:

I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors as a student member to learn from more experienced colleagues, collaborate together, and provide valuable input from my own experiences. It is important for students to be immersed in a group that is larger than themselves and their own social work practice in order to optimize learning and put school teachings into practical use. This is an amazing opportunity for me to work with other social workers in a macro setting in order to understand our own system better and implement practices to the mezzo and micro levels of social work as well.



I am a BSW student at Concordia University in the Accelerated program. I have been to school for early childhood and special education as well, though I did not finish them. But that has not stopped me from pursuing my dreams. I worked in a day care as a pre-K teacher for 16 years then went on to work in the Waukesha School district for 5 years as a special education paraprofessional in both the high school and middle school setting. While working as a paraprofessional, I realized how much help my students and their families needed. I would do research and more to maximize the help and support my students could be receiving. I then decided that working in the schools was my steppingstone and I went back to school for social work. I hope to help individuals with disabilities, as well as have the opportunity to help individuals with mental health struggles. I also hope to go to get my master’s in biblical theology so that I can incorporate my faith into my work and work closely with churches to help advocate for people in need. I am a mom to a beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Abriana and recently engaged to my wonderful fiancé, James. We live in Waukesha and enjoy spending time with family and friends and watching Abriana cheer. 
Position Statement:

When I saw the opportunity to run to be a member of the board it intrigued me. I had been looking for different ways to get more involved within the social work network and field. I became a member of the NASW, NASW-WI, and as well as the National Association of Christian Social Workers (NACSW). I am in the talks with a local social worker in New Berlin, WI to hopefully form and bring a chapter of the NACSW to Wisconsin. I would love to be involved in learning what I can from being on the board as well as share my opinions in hope of helping evolve the social work field in Wisconsin. Thank you for your consideration.


My name is Kristina Schumacher and was born and raised and currently reside in Oshkosh.  I will be a Senior this Fall at Marian University in Fond du Lac and after graduation in May of 2021 hope to continue my studies at UW-Milwaukee to fulfill my dream of being a School Social Worker.  My past is actually pretty interesting, but it has made me into the woman I am today.  I am a 37-year old single mom to the most amazing 17-year old son, Isaac, he is my pride and joy and is the reason I am where I am today.  About 16 years ago I started my journey at college and ran into a lot of road bumps along the way.  I sustained a concussion following a domestic dispute and it severely affected my ability to learn and retain information, I struggled with school and anxiety. Thankfully I received the treatment I needed and decided that in order to provide for my son and myself to try Fox Valley Tech and see how I did. I currently am a LPN and have been for the past 9 years. I worked for the Oshkosh Area School District as a nurse for 5 years and always felt like I wasn’t doing enough to help those in need. After a lot of consideration, I made the decision to return to school and pursue Social Work.  I was determined to prove to myself that I am better than I ever was before and to show that my previous school experience wasn’t who I am now.  Last semester I ended with a 4.0 and on the Dean’s list, this semester I am on the same track and plan to continue that trend through graduation, each semester being 15-18 credits.

Position Statement:

You are probably wondering why I would want to add more to my plate than I already have with school, well that is a simple answer. I want to be a part of something that makes a difference and I want to learn how to be successful as a Social Worker. I don’t plan on being someone that sits on the sidelines and waits for things to happen, I plan on making a difference and playing an active role, that was the reason for me coming back to school at this time. I am also in policies and how everything functions, being a part of the NASW-WI would be a dream come true and would benefit me in my future career as a Social Worker. I thank you for your time and consideration and appreciate what you do as a board for the Social Work profession.


I am a queer Washington state native who moved to the city of Eau Claire in 2016. I began my university career as a psychology major in Seattle, but had a change of heart; and in the fall of 2018 I transferred to the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire (UWEC) and declared myself a social work major. I am now nearing 22 years-old and plan to graduate in May of 2021 with my BSW and child welfare certificate. I am currently working as a personal care provider, and when I am not at school or working, I spend much of my time volunteering with children, mainly as a student mentor through the UWEC Blugold Beginnings program and at the Chippewa Valley LGBTQ+ Community Center.

Position Statement:

The opportunity to serve on the NASW-WI board of directors appealed to me immediately. Living the NASW ethical principles as a student serves to better prepare me for social work practice; and, in that spirit, I believe that the leadership experience of serving on the board will greatly enhance my knowledge of all the ethical principles, thereby instilling in me a deep understanding of integrity, specifically. I yearn to work with a team of like-minded students and professionals who will support my potential and encourage me to find my own voice as a current social work student and future social work practitioner.


My name is Jolene Steele. I’m a non-traditional student, currently attending UW-Stevens Point taking classes at both main campus and the Marshfield branch. I have been working for the same company, Nelson-Jameson Inc., for the last eight years, with the last six years as a product administrator. About four years ago, I was in a opportune part of life with my future wide open. I knew it was time to start chasing some of the dreams I had, dreams of pursuing a higher education and earning a degree in social work. My company graciously worked with me as I began class full-time and has continued to keep me on. Getting a college education has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I enjoy working with people and like the idea of helping people get resources they need. Besides a passion for helping others, I cherish my family and friends. While school and work hasn’t left me much for free time, I love reading, traveling, and playing board games, in no particular order. 

Position Statement:

I recently joined the NASW and was surprised at just how much the organization does for social workers and the communities it serves. My desire to serve on the board stems from wanting to meet and learn from currently practicing social workers. There is a lot of wisdom to be gained from experience. The opportunity to meet individuals who work in the field and the kinds of work they do would provide valuable insight to me as a student and be an excellent learning opportunity. Serving on a committee also seems like a challenging, but rewarding experience to learn more about leadership. It would be a great addition to my senior year of final classes and internship to be able to learn in the environment of the NASW-WI Board of Directors. It would be an honor to learn and grow through serving on the board as a student representative.



Dafna Berman is a psychotherapist with Froedtert & the Medical College of WI, in Menomonee Falls. She received her MSW from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management at UWM. Dafna has served as the Southeast WI Branch Representative to the Board over the past two years, and as a Member at Large on the NASW-WI Executive Committee for one year. She serves on the Chapter’s Professional Standards & Regulations and Legislative & Social Policy Committees as well as the Chapter’s Task Force on Substance Abuse Certification. On the National level, Dafna is a member of the Expert Panel tasked with updating the NASW Mental Health Policy Statement for the “Social Work Speaks” publication. Two years ago, Dafna was appointed by the WI Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS) to serve on the Behavioral Health Review Committee. Dafna has over twenty years of experience in Social Work.

Position Statement:

These are exciting times to be a social worker! Our profession is one of the fastest-growing in a rapidly changing world. One of our profession’s tenets is to meet the client where the client is. As digital technologies are becoming ubiquitous, it is incumbent upon us to embrace innovative practice models in the service of our clients. I am passionate about changing payment arrangements and models so that they better reflect our clients’ needs and accommodate what we know to be best practices. Last fall, I joined our Executive Director, in meeting with the Deputy Commissioner of Insurance, to advocate for CAPSW license holders to get reimbursed by commercial insurance companies for their services. I also testified in front of the Speaker’s Taskforce for Suicide Prevention. I asked that they remove these barriers and improve access to care. It would be an honor to continue and serve another term as the Southeast Branch Representative. I will continue to advocate for Wisconsin’s vulnerable populations, and the social workers dedicated to their wellbeing.


Deborah Perry is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who graduated from the University of St. Thomas/College of St. Catherine in St. Paul, MN with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and earned a B.S. in Social Work from Augsburg College in Minneapolis. She was a Collaborating Clinician Investigator in the Field Trials for the Fifth Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) and is currently participating in the Quality Measures Development Initiative, a 3 year project by the American Psychiatric Association. For three years, Deborah served on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter (NASW IL) and was Chair of the Three Rivers District before moving to Wisconsin in 2017. Deborah has worked with all ages of people in a variety of settings including community based programs, community health centers, and private practice. She has received specialized training in sexual violence and crisis intervention, has completed extensive training in working with military families dealing with stress and the impacts of war-related trauma, and is certified in Reality Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, and Cognitive Processing Therapy, Deborah specializes in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, anxiety, depression, and a variety of other disorders. She is also a Certified Clinician for Counseling Services for Fire Fighters. Deborah has been a member of the National Association of Social Workers since 1999, and also holds membership in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing International Association, and the International Employ

Position Statement:

As a social worker, I believe that it is important to proudly promote the social work profession as a worthwhile, legitimate career choice. The general public is often confused by the portrayal in the media of what a social worker is and does. The stereotype of how it is presented is far from the role of the typical social work professional, whose duties vary greatly depending on the agency and position held. We in the profession should clarify misinformation and encourage others to consider a career in social work. Promoting the profession by educating the public regarding our many roles is one of my priorities. Advocating for those already in the profession is another important facet of working in a leadership role. Politically and legislatively, it is a volatile time in our field. It is crucial to have a voice advocating for the profession. I believe that a national licensing option and the continued utilization of technology in service delivery are vital



My name is Marc Seidl and I currently work for Brown County Human Services Department in the Child Protection Initial Assessment Unit as a supervisor.  I have been with Brown County for 7 years and prior to this I worked for 5 years in Outagamie County also in Child Protection.  I earned my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Social Worker from the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.  I grew up in Algoma along the Lake Michigan shoreline with my parents who were both in the Human Services field.  I currently reside in Green Bay with my wife, our four year old daughter and dog.

Position Statement:

I have had the distinct honor of serving on the NASW Board of Directors for the past three years.  Over my years on the board I feel as though I have learned a great deal about how our organization works and it has made me a better Social Worker.  There are still a number of challenges which face not only our organization but also our profession and the clients we serve.  I look forward to the ability if elected to continue to work with the other members of the board to meet these challenges and position our organization, our profession and our clients for future success.   Throughout my career the best outcomes I have seen for the clients I serve have been when people come together to collaborate on a common goal which is what I see as the purpose in the board.  A group of dedicated professionals coming together to advance the goals of the Social Work profession and improve access for our clients.


Heidi Pritzl is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with Ascension Koller Behavioral Health for the Eagle River and Woodruff Clinics of Wisconsin. She has been employed with Ascension for almost 10 years. Prior to working in the clinics she worked at St. Mary’s Behavioral Health Unit in Rhinelander, WI. She is also certified as a QPR Master Trainer and Suicide Prevention  Gatekeeper Instructor through the QPR Institute in Seattle, WA.

In August of 2007, Heidi graduated from Hawaii Pacific University (HPU), as Valedictorian of the University. Heidi obtained her Masters of Social Work degree with Advanced Standing. She was a member of Phi Alpha National Honor Social Work Society. She also obtained her Bachelor’s of Social Work Degree at Hawaii Pacific University in 1999. In 2010, she returned to her home state of Wisconsin to pursue a career in mental health.

Heidi has been a member of the National Association of Social Work for 21 years. Prior to the move she has had experience working with children and adults with disabilities as a Case Manager through the Hawaii Department of Health, in addition early intervention for children with disabilities through the Easter Seals birth to three program. She was also the Director of Social Work for Kulana Malama, a private facility for medically fragile children and adults. Heidi traveled resided on the East Coast for a few years where she continued her career in Early Intervention in South Carolina. Upon her return to Wisconsin she was able to complete her clinical hours at St. Mary’s Psychiatric Inpatient Unit. She then continued her career in Social Work health care within the Ministry health system, now known as Ascension. Her clinic work focused on prevention of mental health within her community through her QPR trainings, public speaking, media interviews, and newspaper articles. Heidi recently re-established her membership with the American Association of Suicidology and Prevent Wisconsin Suicide to assist in the efforts of reducing suicides both locally and nationally.

During Heidi’s free time she enjoys reading, writing, and most of all spending time with her family, traveling, golfing, or participating in any activity that involves the outdoors .

Position Statement

Hello! My name is Heidi Pritzl. I am honored to have been selected to run for the Northern Region Representative position for the National Association of Social Work Board for the state of Wisconsin. I have been a member of NASW since 1999 in the states of Hawaii and Wisconsin. After completing both my Masters and Bachelors degree of Social Work in Hawaii, I returned to Northern Wisconsin to be able to have the opportunity to give back to my community.

I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity last year to attend the NASW annual conference in Milwaukee, WI. I was surprised to see the limited numbers of membership representing the Northern region of Wisconsin. If I am selected for this position I would like to increase the number of NASW memberships in rural areas of Wisconsin to include the North. I would also like to assist in facilitating services from our main cities to rural areas to ensure all residents receive the best care possible no matter where they reside. In addition to enhancing resources, I would like to work towards increasing opportunities for our Social Workers in the North, so they would be able to receive their continuing education credits (CEU’s) closer to home or virtually to reduce travel and cost, as so many have a limited budget or are paying out of their own pocket to receive credit toward licensure. I would also like to bring my skills and training in the area of suicide prevention to our board members to help in the local and national efforts in reducing suicides.

I look forward to this opportunity to not only serve my rural hometown, but the state of Wisconsin. I promise to bring my skills of advocacy, effective communication to include listening, strong sense of ethics, hard work, dedication and passion for this profession to this position to help enhance this profession’s enrollment and areas we serve.

NASW WI Board Elections are conducted every spring. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact Marc Herstand.