2021 NASW-WI Chapter Elections

The 2021 NASW-WI Chapter online elections for statewide and regional board of directors positions have begun!.

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Candidate statements and bios are posted below. They can also be read on the Survey Monkey ballot site.

In order to vote you will need your membership number. Please refer to the postcard that was mailed on May 7th to all NASW-WI members that includes your membership number. You can also call the NASW-WI office at 608-257-6334 or 866-462-7994 (toll-free in WI) to request this information, or to request a paper ballot. Paper ballots must be requested by Friday, May 21, 2021 and postmarked by Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021.

To cast your vote in the election go to:

The deadline for the election is midnight on Friday, June 4th, 2021.
All online votes must be cast by this time and all mailed in ballots must be postmarked by Wednesday, June 2nd.

Thank you for helping to make this election cycle a success!


Dafna Berman is a psychotherapist with Froedtert & the Medical College of WI. She received her MSW from Washington University in St. Louis and her MBA from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, with emphasis on Healthcare Management. Berman serves on the NASW-WI Board as the southeast branch representative and has served as a member-at-large on the Executive Committee. She is a member of the Chapter’s Professional Standards & Regulations and the Legislative & Social Action committees. She is involved in the chapter’s efforts and initiatives to address reimbursement, credentialing, suicide prevention, gun safety, and conversion therapy. Berman serves on the WI DSPS Behavioral Health Review Committee. On the national level, Berman served on the expert panel tasked with reviewing and updating the NASW Mental Health policy statement, published in the most recent edition of “Social Work Speaks.” She has taught seminars about ethics and boundaries, chronic suicidality, and AI uses in social work. Berman has over twenty years of experience in social work. Her practice focuses on individuals with chronic behavioral health conditions, specifically trauma related. She enjoys home improvement projects and spending time with her adult daughters and furry grandchildren. At Froedtert, she is part of a team tasked with designing an anti-racism educational curriculum for employees.

Position Statement:
I am running for president because I believe the future needs a strong social work profession. The digitization and virtualization of our world present new processes of inequalities, exclusion, and marginalization, inequalities. The people and communities we serve need social workers that are well equipped to navigate a rapidly changing world and can lean into the discomfort that comes with an uncertain future. The mission, ethics, and roots of our profession provide us a solid foundation to thrive and lead in reality characterized by innovation and disruption. How we engage with each other might be changing but the core of who we are and what our vision does not. I am excited about the evolution of social work in the 21st Century! I am asking for your support, please vote.


I am currently a Child Protection Initial Assessment Supervisor with Brown County Health and Human Services. I have been a supervisor with Brown County for five years and was an Initial Assessment Social Worker in the field with families for 8 years prior to my move to supervision.  I am active in several local multidisciplinary teams involving drug endangered children, abusive injuries in young children and human trafficking.  I earned my MSW and BSW from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay both with an emphasis in Child Welfare. I am a member of the Child Welfare Advisory Committee for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.  I currently reside in Allouez with my wife and daughter.

Position Statement:
I have been a member of NASW since time as an undergraduate student at UWGB.  I recognized early in my career the important role that NASW has for not only the social work profession but also the clients we serve. Understanding the role that public policy plays I believe is critical for social workers to understand and see how unjust policies affect the profession and our clients  NASW-WI has been at the forefront of advocating for policy change at the state level in Wisconsin regarding important issues such as criminal justice reform, racial justice, police reform, increased funding for child welfare services and many other issues.  These are issues that not only improve the ability for social workers to serve our clients but also the communities in which we all live.  Continuing this important advocacy work is central to what I believe in as I run for President-Elect of the Board of Directors.  Additionally, communicating the successes that occur and what work still needs to be done I believe is critical to helping to maintain membership and encourage social workers to join the association.  The more voices we have calling for change – the stronger we are.


My name is Katie Krueger and I currently live in West Allis, WI. I am a recent MSW/MBA graduate from Aurora University and have just received my APSW licensure through the state of Wisconsin. Healthcare and the dedication to bettering self-determination for all people are the passions that led me to work in Administration for the Radiation Oncology Department at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin. There, I am able to see first-hand the vulnerable population of cancer patients that need advocacy at all levels.

Position Statement:
I would be honored to be re-elected to serve on the Board of Directors in a new role as Secretary in order to continue to learn from experienced colleagues, collaborate together, and provide valuable input from my own experiences. It is important for new graduates to be immersed in a group that is larger than themselves and their own social work practice in order to optimize learning and put academic teachings into practical use. This would be an amazing opportunity for me to continue work with other social workers in a macro setting in order to understand our own system better and implement practices to the mezzo and micro levels of social work as well.


Deborah Zemel has devoted her professional and private life to doing her part to make a difference.  Most of her professional career has been within the Jewish community working with high school students, older adults and families, serving as the Associate Director of the Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center. But her passion has been working with older adults.  Debbie developed the Jewish Community Adult Day Program in 1996 as part of her Master’s project.  This program is still vital and growing…adding a brain health class, Memory Café and an early memory loss program. Debbie has been the Executive Director of Chai Point—an Independent and Assisted Living Community for 12 years.  During her tenure there, she has created an atmosphere that attracts older adults to live at Chai Point.  She left with a 2-3 year waiting list. During the past couple of years, Debbie, was the Clinical Director for Stowell Associates—a Care Managed Home Care agency.  As the Clinical Director, she was able to advance the practice of Care Management. Debbie has served on numerous boards and committees and has presented at conferences on successful aging.  She is very excited and honored to serve on the NASW Board of Directors.

Position Statement:

Why I am interested in serving on the Board of Directors.

I have recently retired to spend more time with my growing family…grandchildren—the loves of my life!  Now that I will have more time on my hands, serving on the NASW Board is truly an honor!  I have always respected the work that NASW provides.  In these challenging times, when social service agencies and programs are being decimated by lack of funding, it is more important than ever, to be involved in advocacy and promoting the importance of the social work profession.  We as social workers make a difference—whether it is working with families, advocating for services, care management, psychotherapy, group work, or helping the disenfranchised.  NASW provides a framework for us to expand our knowledge and provide the advocacy that our society needs.


Elizabeth DenDekker, LCSW, previously served as an educator at the former Silver Lake College, Marquette University, and UW-Green Bay. In the summer of 2019, she left higher education for a Spiritual Care and Bereavement Counselor position at Sharon S. Richardson Community Hospice in Sheboygan Falls. DenDekker continues to serve in her clinical role with the hospice and within their community education program. She formerly worked as a psychotherapist at The Wholistic Health Center in Sheboygan and other clinics throughout the region. As a young professional, she served three years as AmeriCorps*VISTA, two with Wisconsin Campus Compact, and one with Sheboygan County Health and Human Services Department.  DenDekker earned a BA in International Studies (2004) and an MSW (2008) from UW-Milwaukee.

Position Statement:
In the current social-political climate, I continue to feel called to contribute to our field on a macro level. I have been a member of NASW since 2007 and NASW-WI Branch Rep since 2016. It continues to be my aim to connect with my colleagues in our region to empower us to fill our professional roles as agents of social change. I am a natural collaborator, advocate, and organizer and have fostered connection and understanding in my numerous professional roles to create a more just and socially equitable society. I hope to be able to continue to offer my skills at the state level. Social work has been on the frontlines of social change throughout history, and we must continue to live out the legacy of our profession. I will reach out to professionals in my region to understand your needs and bring your ideas to the table. Thank you for considering me as your representative and for all that you do to contribute to a healthier society and democracy!

Hello! I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. I am interested in macro social work and hope to work in public policy. I am passionate about LGBTQ rights, racial equality, and reproductive freedom. In my free time I love to read, knit, and spend time with my cat.

Position Statement:
As a member of the board, I am most looking forward to participating in the Social Policy committee. I believe that supporting strong public policies can be some of the most impactful work that our organization does. 



Giselle Granados is a senior BSW student at Mount Mary University. At Mount Mary University, Giselle is a Social Work Club and Phi Alpha Honors Society member. Giselle was an intern at NASW-WI during the 2020-2021 academic year. In that capacity, she engaged deeply in lobbying experiences and reputable mentorship from Marc Herstand, the Executive Director. Before her internship at NASW, she interned at Children’s Hospital Community Services as a Home Visitor. In this position, she was able to collaborate with Milwaukee Project Stay to hold a curriculum based, mental health support group for teen moms. Giselle is also a part-time caregiver for a client with disabilities. Giselle is planning to get her Master’s in Social Work after graduating in December of 2021. Giselle’s greatest pride is being a single mom, raising her beautiful baby boy Gianni who is 15 months old.  

Position Statement:
Social workers are humans who are dedicated to empathizing with oppressed communities who are often forgotten about. In today’s historical events, we are seeing an increased need for social justice and inclusion. I bring the following assets to the NASW-WI Board: 10 years of customer service experience, 5 years of retail management experience, 4 years of small business ownership, and my fresh knowledge as a BSW student. Through these intersectional experiences, I have gained various skills that reflect my leadership credentials. As a Leadership Development graduate in 2018, I have learned budgeting, strengths-based coaching, continuous improvement strategies, and much more! With my extensive, and diverse experiences, I can offer the Board of Directors a distinct perspective. I am looking to learn from other leaders and the communities we serve through this At-large Board Member Position 1, position. I am seeking to be the voice for people of color through my lived experiences as a Latina. Thank you for your consideration. 


As a benefactor of our Wisconsin child welfare system and as a life-long Milwaukee native, I became dedicated to service in social welfare at an early age. In 2008, I became a first-generation college graduate when I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Social Welfare from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I formally began my social service career in 2009 as a literacy trainer in the Republic of Vanuatu with the United States Peace Corps. Upon my return to US in 2011, I was commissioned with the Wisconsin Army National Guard to serve as a logistics Officer. In addition to this part-time service with our military, from 2013 until 2016 I served full-time as a supervisor, human service worker, and care manager with the Curative Care Network, My Choice Wisconsin, and the Milwaukee County Department on Aging. In 2017, I joined the City of Milwaukee Health Department as the Public Health Social Worker with the Direct Assistance for Dads (DAD) Project. In 2018, I resigned my commission with Wisconsin Army National Guard to focus all of my attention on building on my skills as a professional in my social welfare career. My years of experience in social welfare and my dedication to our Wisconsin community, are the reasons why I am interested in serving on the NASW-WI Board of Directors.

Position Statement:
As a Director with the NASW-WI’s Board pf Directors, my years of leadership to enhance the professional growth and development of your members, to create and maintain professional standards for all our Wisconsin social workers, and to advance sound social policies in our Wisconsin community. Professionally, I have over 10 years of staff and organizational leadership experience. Additionally, since 2017, I served on the Board of Directors with over 6 nonprofit and 1 for-profit organizations; and I had the opportunity to serve as President of the Board for 4 of those organizations. In these role I coordinated activities that used over 70 community volunteers, managed federal grants and organization budgets, lead board personnel and meetings, and facilitated large community events. Also, I conducted numerous in-person and virtual trainings on a local, state, and national level. Each of these opportunities helped develop my leadership style to embody the values of integrity, dedication, and equity. I look forward to bringing these values, and my skills as a leader, to NASW-WI’s Board of Directors.


For the last thirty years, Brian Benford has fought for the City of Madison’s most underserved and vulnerable communities as a family advocate, educator, activist, City Alder, and past president of the City of Madison’s Equal Opportunities Commission. He’s spent his career working directly with – and advocating for – at-risk youth, low-income families, and neighborhood organizations to reach their full potentials. Brian received his MSW from the UW-Madison Sandra Rosenbaum School of Social Work in 2020. Brian currently serves as the Success Coach for the award-winning UW-Madison Odyssey Project which takes a whole family approach to breaking the cycle of generational poverty through access to education, giving adult and youth learners a voice, and increasing confidence through reading, writing, and speaking.

Position Statement:
I would be privileged to lend all of experiences, dedication, and passions to advancing the NSW WI mission.  As a BIPOC individual who has dedicated my life to the service of others, I believe that I can offer “real”, lived- life perspectives to help us as a body to strengthen relationships within diverse populations.  In our efforts to promote social justice; and to enhance the dignity and worth of all people in the State of Wisconsin, I offer my lifelong commitment to these goals. I recognize that now-more than ever-we need people from different backgrounds to come together to forge a new, safe, socially just, and equitable world for those that we serve. I would be deeply honored to play a role in this. 


Kimberly Howard (Kim), MSW, APSW has over 15 years of professional experience in the social service field, including medical social work , therapy, non-profit development, leadership, and management. Currently, Kim works full time as an outpatient clinic social worker at Advocate Aurora- Aurora Family Services and part time as an inpatient social worker and a psychotherapist. Kim is an Advanced Practice Social Worker and is currently in process of obtaining her clinical license. Kim received her Bachelor of Social Work from Concordia University in Mequon and her Masters of Social Work in Loyola University Chicago. Kim has dedicated her career to helping others and hopes to influence the next generation of social workers.

Position Statement:
I am applying for the position of Board Member with the NASW because I am very much aligned with the goals and focus of the organization. I believe my professional experience and education places me in a positive position to contribute to NASW board and help the organization to achieve its mission and goals. I am confident that my qualities together with my commitment to work will be an asset to the organization. I look forward to having the opportunity to

  • Represent the organization and profession and serve as a spokesperson.
  • Take an active part in the planning process.
  • Offer a broad knowledge of programs, policies and implementation strategies.
  • Any additional ways to serve


Neil O’Connor, ACSW, LCSW, became a member of NASW-WI in 1977, while completing his MSSW at the Kent School of Social Work, University of Louisville. Graduating in 1978, he worked briefly as a community organizer in Louisville, then began a 30 year career in health care social work in Sheboygan, WI. In that career, he worked in the areas of emergency/critical care, domestic abuse victim services, renal dialysis, discharge planning, and department management. He worked the last 18 years of that phase as the clinical social worker in the UW Health Oncology Clinics. Simultaneously, Neil served as a social work officer in the US Army Reserve, commissioned in 1982, and retiring in 2012 as a Colonel, Medical Service Corps. His military experience includes staff social work, operations and logistics, executive officer, and trainer-evaluator; he also deployed to Iraq in 2004-05, supervising a military community mental health clinic at the US Army base in Balad, Iraq. In 2008, Neil joined the Department of  Veteran’s Affairs’ Madison Vet Center, where he worked with war veterans and their families around issues of PTSD and post service re-integration. Retiring from active social work practice in 2017, Neil continues to work with the profession on NASW-WI’s Education Committee, while pursuing personal interests in music, cabinetry, and grandparenting.

Position Statement:
NASW-WI has continuously served Wisconsin social workers, advocating for our clients, proposing and informing legislation, defending practice, and providing critical educational programs important to professional growth and improved client services. Post career, I feel a need to give back to the organization which has benefited me in so many ways. Social workers in our SC/SW community will need a communication link to the Board, to keep the Board informed of needs and resources in our community. I would like to be that link, listening to my colleagues, and clearly relaying concerns, ideas, and needs to the Board. Social work practice faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. Our community extends across urban as rural parts of our state. I believe I can advocate for our community and its clients around issues of access, communications, and education.


Barbara Perkins, LCSW works in sole private practice in Madison, WI.  She was born in Milwaukee and raised in the Greater Milwaukee Area.  She left the state for 13 years and came back to Wisconsin in 2001.  She has made Madison her home for 20 years. Graduating with her BSW in 1991 and MSW in 1992, she has a diverse social work background including work in hospitals, home health, hospice, case management, supervision, consultation, and therapy practice. She is a lifelong learner.  She has served on the NASW-WI Clinical Network Steering Committee for the past 7 years. She has been a presenter at the NASW-WI conference for the past two years on topics of telebehavioral health and mitigating provider stress during Covid-19.

Position Statement:
I am running for NASW-WI Board of Directors, Delegate Assembly for two important reasons.  The first reason is to participate in an organization that works for those we serve through legislative advocacy, provides quality continuing educational opportunities, and offers many specialty task forces and networks.  The second reason is to support the many social workers in our state by continuing to ensure access to trainings, leadership, and opportunities.  This support includes examining our own diversity goals and objectives to ensure access to the opportunities NASW-WI offers.


Susan received her Masters in Social Work from Columbia University in 1993.  She started her career in Chicago working in program management and development.  She managed a transitional living program for homeless adults living with HIV and AIDS and then she was the program director for a home for girls ages 11 to 16.  Susan began working in outpatient mental health in 1997 in Chicago and continued working in private practice when she moved to Viroqua, Wisconsin in 2000.  Susan opened Stonehouse Counseling in 2018 and serves as the Clinic Director.  Susan believes strongly in working in social policy and advocacy.  She currently serves as a Commissioner on the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Rural Prosperity.  She is the chairperson for the NASW WI Committee on Rural Mental Health, she is a member of the NASW WI, Legislative Committee, and she serves as a member of the Vernon County Trauma Taskforce.  

Position Statement:
I want to serve on the NASW-WI board of directors because I am passionate about the work of NASW-WI.  I would consider it an honor to work with the other board members to advance the agenda of NASW-WI.   I want to support the work of our chapter by continuing to push our legislature to pass legislation that will support the most vulnerable citizens of our state.  I want to be in a position to support our profession and to assure our work is sustainable.  In addition, I want to be a part of continuing the work of the board to support high quality social work education and practice in our state.  I would consider it an honor and a privilege to serve on the NASW-WI board.  


My name is Erin Petersen. I am currently the Director of Adult Family Homes serving adults with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities with Balance Inc. in Grafton Wisconsin. I graduated with honors from Concordia University with Masters in Social Work in 2019.  I have been on the Board of Directors for three years, and take my position as the Southeast Branch Representative very serious, and feel honored to serve among my fellow board members.  We work together to create change where change is needed and work very well as a team.  I have experience in all three sections of social work, the Micro, the Mezzo, and Macro levels.  
Through my experience in both my education and in my life, I have built my skills around the NASW Core Values of Social Work.  

Position Statement:
Service: it is my duty to the whole person, meeting their needs in whatever level needed. Social Justice: making sure their rights are in place and find ways to get my voice heard and they are being represented.  Lobbying and advocating human rights at all levels of government, local, state, and federal, is my passion and I have learned I am very open to change, and can be persistent when trying to create change, where change is needed.  Dignity and Worth of the Person: using compassion, empathy, and respect when working with a client is a priority to me as a person, and as a change agent.  Importance of Human Relationships: Human Connection is what makes the world work.  Meeting the client at where they are and working through the strengths perspective is how I assist individuals, and families to create their best life possible. Integrity: I am an honest, hard working woman.  I hold strong values, in my faith, and hold myself to high moral principles and standards to give the best quality of care through my work.  Competence: I continue to educate myself, by taking classes, continuing education classes and training.  It is important to stay on top of what is going on around us.  It allows growth and change where change is needed, and provides our clients, but also ourselves, with the best solutions possible, but also allows room for discussion to educate others.  

It would be an honor to continue to serve as your Southeast Branch Representative on the NASW-WI Board of Directors. 

Thank you for your consideration.


My name is Katie Szerkins. I live in Howard, Wisconsin. I am married and have six children. I am currently enrolled in the University of Green Bay’s full-time MSW program, entering my specialized year. I strive to achieve the title of LCSW upon graduation in spring of 2022. My intentions are to provide therapy services, with an emphasis in working with children who have experienced trauma. I hold a bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay in Psychology and Human Development. Since graduation, my experiences include case management for the elderly and disabled population in Milwaukee County (7 years). Licensure as a foster home at the county and treatment level (7 years), including the role of receiving home for Brown County. As a foster parent I have cared for approximately forty children in my home over the duration of my foster care journey. Currently, my license is held through Foundations Health and Wholeness, where I also work as contracted employee assisting with recruitment and retention efforts in their foster care department. I have experience in public adoption, as I have adopted a child from the foster care system. I volunteer my time working as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children with CHIPS orders. In my free time I enjoy backyard football games and running marathons. 

Position Statement:
My motivation, dedication, and passion for the field of social work, has led me to desire to be part of macro level change. I have real life experiences, which inspire me to strive for change efforts. My interest in the NASW-WI board of directors is two-fold. One, to gain experience serving on a board. This knowledge will increase my self-confidence and enhance opportunity for future macro level positions. Two, gained confidence and knowledge of the process of macro level work will provide me the understanding necessary to be a stronger advocate for clients, and all those I serve. 


Kristi Goldade, MA, has 13 years of professional experience in education, youth programming, advocacy, and non-profit development. She is pursuing an MSW at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the mental health concentration. Kristi is the training specialist and case manager at Focus Counseling’s CSRT, which operates the City of Madison and Dane County’s Vulnerable Person’s Hotel Project. She is also a grant writer for Pegasus Legal Services for Children, New Mexico’s only civil legal aid for youth. Some of Kristi’s career highlights include her Peace Corps service in eastern Ukraine (’08-10), co-founding a Reggio-Emilia-inspired preschool, and mentoring young journalists at KUNM’s Generation Justice. Kristi earned her BA in English from the University of Minnesota and her MA in Literary Reportage from New York University

Position Statement:
It is an honor to be considered for this opportunity. I want to serve on the NASW-WI Board of Directors to continue my work promoting leadership and involvement opportunities for marginalized communities. At Pegasus Legal Services for Children, I helped launch a training series led by BIPOC folks in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, wrote grants to support advocacy for runaway, homeless, and incarcerated youth, and co-led the recruitment and hiring process of candidates who represented the population Pegasus serves. I would like to help promote NASW-WI to marginalized and emerging social workers—to survey them to learn about their priorities, expand social media efforts to reach them, and conduct events or training to meet their needs. I also want to help support NASW-WI with marketing efforts, as they play such an important role in sharing social work values and resources with the public. My experience in leadership roles in schools and nonprofits has given me a broad base of knowledge about outreach strategies, communications, and collective visioning. I am energized by the chance to support NASW-WI and to grow the next generation of social workers!


I am the past and current chair of the Wisconsin Social Workers Political Action Committee, past chair of NASW-WI’s Southeast Branch, and a member of the Legislative and Social Policy Committee, the Lobby Day Planning Committee, and the Diversity Task Force. I have also served on the National NASW Program Committee as an At Large Member and on the National NASW Delegate Assembly Planning Committee each for one term. I have served as a liaison to the Wisconsin School Social Work Association (WSSWA) board and chaired their Legislative Committee 2011-2015.  I was elected as a Trustee on the Campbellsport Village Board for three two-year terms and at the time, was only the second woman in the history of the Village to serve in that capacity. I have been a volunteer child advocate and trainer for the Fond du Lac Conflict Resolution Center serving children and families who are involved in the juvenile court system due to abuse or neglect for nearly 25 years.  I am also the co-chair of the Felmers O Chaney Advocacy Board (FCAB) advocating for the rights and needs of incarcerated and previously incarcerated citizen. I was a Red Cross volunteer assisting persons evacuated to Wisconsin following hurricane Katrina and the breech of the levees in 2005. That year, I also received NASW-Wisconsin’s Distinguished Social Worker Award for my legislative and political advocacy.  My social work career has involved clinical and case management work in three states in a variety of settings working with court involved youth, in a country human service agency as an Access supervisor and Family Treatment Unit supervisor as well as in a university sponsored birth to three, early childhood development clinic.  I previously worked as an internship liaison and taught in the graduate social work program at UW-Milwaukee for 17 years and taught as an adjunct instructor for Loyola University Chicago for 13 years. For the past seven years, I have been employed as the internship coordinator for the Social and Cultural Sciences Department at Marquette University where I still love to teach social welfare policy! 

Position Statement:
I would be honored to represent NASW-WI members at the upcoming Delegate Assembly. I am an active NASW member and have been involved with Delegate Assembly since 2005. I was elected as the chair of the NASW Midwest Coalition representing an eight-state region at the first virtual Delegate Assemblies that convened in August 2008 and again in 2011 and 2014.  The work of the Delegate Assembly is all about policy, policy policy! The policies adopted by NASW through the Delegate Assembly process informs all of the positions and advocacy undertaken by NASW. What could be more exciting than that?


Joan Groessl:  Earned her BSW from UW-Green Bay, her MSW from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, and her doctorate with an emphasis in leadership studies from Marian University in Fond du Lac.  She spent twenty years in county mental health practice providing a range of services over the course of her practice.  Joan joined the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay in 2008 and is currently Assistant Professor and Chair of the Social Work Professional Programs.  Joan has been active in a variety of roles with NASW-WI including president, secretary, Northeast Region representative and Delegate Assembly Representative. She is currently chair of the Continuing Education Committee and is a delegate for this year’s Delegate Assembly.  Joan is a mother of three grown sons and grandmother of four.  She is active in the Algoma community as President of the Medical Center Board and Algoma Venture Academy.

Position Statement:
I have served on the Delegate Assembly for multiple terms over my membership with NASW.  I have assisted in revision of policies for Social Work Speaks as well as participated in the Delegate Assembly meeting held every three years. I am interested in serving the organization in this capacity again and believe I am able to analyze position statements and any proposed changes to the policies or bylaws to reflect the diverse perspectives of NASW-Wisconsin members.


NASW WI Board Elections are conducted every spring. If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please contact Marc Herstand.