NASW WI Meets Your CE Approval Needs

NASW WI Continuing Education Approval Program Policy

The Wisconsin Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, and Social Work Examining Board has authorized NASW-WI to approve continuing education programs relevant to the professional practice of social work. Approved educational offerings may be used to meet the thirty (30) hours of continuing education during each two year credential period. In an effort to ensure uniform, high quality learning experiences, the following will serve as the basis of approval.

NASW WI Continuing Education Approval Program Policy Application Form


Any individual and/or organization responsible for the overall development and implementation of continuing education in social work may submit a program for approval. Requests for approval should be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the program. Expedited approval for an additional fee can be obtained within seven days after submission request. No continuing education programs will be considered for approval when submitted less than seven days before the continuing education program.

Organizations requesting application must:

  • Have a designated system for the coordination of the continuing education program.
  • Have a means of responsibility over all programs to insure that educational standards and objectives are met and qualified presenters provide the training.
  • Complete application materials designating date, location, content, presenter, learning objectives, training outline with schedule identifying continuing education hours and evaluation materials.
  • Input from a social worker (either BSW, MSW, DSW or PhD) in the planning and evaluation of the program. Certified or licensed social workers who do not have social work degrees but were “grandfathered” in the 1990’s will be considered acceptable for providing input in the continuing education program. However, certified social workers who obtained this credential through the social work training certificate will not be considered acceptable for providing input for the continuing education program. The application must include the name, signature, degree, certification or licensure and telephone number of the social worker.

Presenters (*)

A provider shall ensure that an instructor teaching a program must meet the following criteria and provide evidence within the continuing education program application.

  1. Training, licensure or experience teaching a program or subject matter related to the program.
  2. Expertise in the subject matter.
  3. Ability to articulate understanding of the applicability of the material to social work practice.

Ethics and Boundaries Presenter Requirements

  1. Degree in social work
  2. Certified, registered, or licensed as a social worker
  3. Knowledge of social work values and ethics
  4. Knowledge of ethical theory
  5. Knowledge of high-risk areas of practice
  6. Practice competence in course content

Co-presenter: There may be instances when it is desirable to include a co-presenter from another professional discipline.  In these situations, it is important that the other professional is licensed, registered or certified in his or her field, if applicable.  Individual regulatory boards may require specific instructor requirements or qualifications.  Providers should check with the individual boards to determine specific requirements (ASWB, 2003, p. 10) Association of Social Work Boards.(2003) Guide to social work ethics course development. Alexandria, V: Author.

Continuing education programs
Programs requesting approval must demonstrate that the content addresses one of the following topics:

  • Social work knowledge, practice and skills
  • A field of practice area allied with and relevant to the practice of social work
  • Theories and concepts of human behavior and the social environment
  • Social work research, social policy, and program evaluation or social work practice evaluation
  • Social policy and program administration or management
  • Social work ethics
  • Professional boundaries.

A variety of teaching methods should be used during each program whenever possible to accommodate the different learning styles of participants.

Social work ethics and boundaries programs must incorporate the NASW Code of Ethics in the training.

In addition to covering relevant content, program quality will be assessed by the Continuing Education Committee Reviewers.  Programs must demonstrate sufficient time is allocated to meet the learning objectives and consideration of social justice perspectives and philosophies of the Social Work Profession

Determination of continuing education hours are based on a contact hour and applicants must submit identified clock times along with the objectives and content for each time period within the program. In addition:

  • Training may not be for a period of less than 60 minutes.
  • During all day workshops or conferences, breaks between sessions and meal times are not included within the calculation for continuing education hours.
  • Any break time in trainings of less than three hours will not be considered as earned continuing education time.
  • Training of three or more consecutive hours (e.g. a three- or four-hour session) is allowed one break of no more than 15 minutes within the continuing education activity.

All programs
All continuing education programs seeking approval must provide the following information. (See application form.) Incomplete materials will not be reviewed for approval.

  • Identification of a contact person for the application along with contact information.
  • Overview of the training program
    • a. Date, time and location of program
    • Program description that provides an overview and content consistent with topics listed above.
    • Statement identifying the mode of instruction to be provided
    • Learning objectives (e.g. “At the conclusion of this program, participants will….”)
    • Training outline including clock hours, with breaks and non-training time delineated
    • Presenter
      • Name, credentials and biographical statement.
      • Statement indicating how the presenter meets the qualifications as stated above.[Presenters (*)]
  • Evaluation materials
  • Explanation of how attendance will be monitored and CEU’s awarded.
  • Explanation of how program records will be maintained

 Provider of the program must provide participants with handouts that include training outline and learning objectives, speaker biography and references used. A continuing education certificate must be provided to attendees within thirty days after the program is completed.

All approved programs must provide a summary of the evaluation ratings and comments to NASW WI within a month of the event.

Video and Audio Programs
For video and audio programs, applicant must comply with the requirements above and must also provide all materials for review prior to approval. All must include an explanation of how credit hours are determined, post-tests containing questions appropriate to the content and credit hours. Explanation of how participants attest to completion of the work, obtain CEU certificates, and a formal grievance procedure with contact information and web-sites, as appropriate.

Approval process

Once completed applications are submitted to the NASW-WI office they are reviewed by the Continuing Education Committee. Committee decisions for approval are based on content, quality, and recognition of the value of the training to social workers in the field. The Continuing Education Committee reserves the right to approve only specified workshops at a conference that are applicable to social work practice and meet NASW WI policies for program approval.

NASW-WI will provide the applicant with an email verifying approval after the decision is made.  It is the responsibility of the program provider to maintain a copy of the form along with all trainings materials.  NASW -WI will keep all submitted application materials for a period of seven years. As a courtesy to attendees, NASW WI would recommend that providers keep attendance records of their registrants for a period of four years after every continuing education period.

Services and fees

  • $100 in-state provider.  One program, up to one full day.  Add $50 for each additional day of program.
  • $150 out of state provider. One program, up to one full day.  Add $50 for each additional day of program.
  • $25 for repeat of an NASW WI approved program for up to three years. After three years the charge will be $50 for re-application of the program.
  • $100 for expedited application (in addition to initial fee)

All approved programs will be advertised on the NASW WI website as a free benefit if the applicant provides information as requested on the application.