One Million Signatures!

by Marc Herstand, MSW, CISW

“The future will belong to those who have passion and are willing to work hard to make our country better”.  Paul Wellstone

” The future will belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt (often quoted by Paul Wellstone)

1,000,000 Million Signatures!  So blared the Wisconsin State Journal heading on Wednesday January 18th reporting on the over 1,000,000 signatures handed in to recall Governor Walker.   This is truly a stunning number.  Reportedly it is the largest per capita amount of signatures for a recall in the history of the United States.  As remarkable as the number of signatures was the number of volunteers (30,000) working in every nock and cranny of the state during the Wisconsin winter to gather these signatures-.

Those of us who have despaired at the policies of the Walker administration-from the elimination of collective bargaining rights, the Voter ID bill, proposals to cut 60,000 children and families off from Badger care, drastic cuts in K-12 education, technical college and UW funding, and increased costs and taxes on the working poor while providing tax breaks for large businesses-were elated by the results of the petition drive.   The 1,000,000 signatures give hope to the possibility of returning Wisconsin to its progressive roots.

But beyond the political significance of the number of signatures is a larger message about passion, commitment, leadership and hard work.  If you follow your conscience, operate with passion, work hard and work to inspire others to join the efforts, there is no limit on what can be accomplished!   We as social workers have chosen our profession for a reason!   We can be the leaders in our society and inspire others to pursue social justice despite seemingly bleak odds.   We should never give up and always keep our vision on what ought to be rather than what is.

On Wisconsin!