Part of a Larger Whole

Happy June! For this year as your president, I promised to highlight an aspect of NASW that is important and adds value to your membership.


At the end of April, Marc Herstand and I had the pleasure of attending a national meeting in Washington, D.C. with representatives from all 55 NASW chapters around the US and its territories. A theme that resonated with me at the meeting was the phrase “ONE Association.” Though you are members of the Wisconsin chapter, you are first members of a National Association of over 130,000 social workers! That is powerful!


Part of our meeting was spending a Day on the Hill, where Marc and I got to speak with our senators and congressmen to advocate for social workers and the laws that affect us on a national level. NASW has hired a lobbyist firm and has national staff that continue these efforts when we are not there.


Most of the meeting focused on how we can become more unified as ONE Association across all of the chapters. The meeting was exciting and inspiring to me because I think our strongest asset is our unified voice. Because you are a part of NASW, you are helping raise our voice to advocate for the profession and those that we serve. And you’re doing it on a state and national level.


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