President’s Column

By Donna Altepeter

Donna AltepeterDear NASW Wisconsin members,

 Happy Social Work Month!!!! Know that we appreciate you for all that you do for our profession and the clients you serve. This is truly a month to be celebrated. Recently we held our board meeting and there was discussion about how powerful it would be to have a video that could reveal to citizens what life would be like without social workers. We are truly weaved into the daily lives of the clients we serve; children, elderly, unemployed, those seeking housing, addiction, mental health, health and hospice services.  We are meeting our clients where they are in schools, domestic violence agencies, neighborhood organizations, in client’s homes, clinics, hospitals, university settings, human services offices and shelters. We are everywhere. And we are making a difference.

 Thank you for all you do.

 At our board meeting many different activities were announced for Social Work month.  Your board representatives are busy planning events and they would love to see you turn out for the activities. It is a good way to connect with colleagues and meet new ones. You will be receiving emails from the NASW Wisconsin office about the details for these events. Please come out and support NASW WISCONSIN at your branch event.

 We are preparing the slate for the open positions on the board for NASW WISCONSIN. I ask that you are attentive to the emails you receive and VOTE.  We represent you and we want to be your voice.  We also want very much to grow as an organization. As members, you serve as our representatives to the organization. Please consider speaking to other social workers about becoming a member. There is strength in numbers and membership is the best way we can remain strong as a profession and represented in our state. We are in a time where deregulation and anti-professionalism are actively being promoted in our state government. Our executive director, Marc Herstand, continues to work tirelessly to represent us and the work that we do. A powerful way to support him and the work he does is for all of us to work to grow our membership. Please read Marc’s updates to keep informed of the progress he is making in representing you in Wisconsin and the clients you serve.


 Thanks for all you do. Please do not hesitate to email me if you have questions, concerns or ideas. I welcome your input.

Donna Altepeter, LCSW
Your NASW Wisconsin, President