Past Intern Testimonies

NASW WI interns are often asked to write a brief article in the Wisconsin Social Worker Chapter newsletter that allows them to reflect on their experiences in our Madison office.  Highlighting immersion in the political process and personal growth, we hope these most recent reflections will give you a sense of the NASW WI intern experience.


An Internship Suitable for All

by Rachel Morris, NASW WI Intern, Fall 2017 


The Fantastic Four

by Lindsey Petasek, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay; Margo Kneiert, George Williams College; Tina Dary, George Williams College; Sara Geszvain, Mount Mary University, NASW WI Interns, 2016-2017 


An Incredible Internship

by Ashley Hoeft, NASW WI Intern, Fall 2015 


A Day in the Life of an NASW WI Intern: Elections & Lobby Day, Oh My!

by Laurel Schmidt, NASW WI Intern, Fall 2010/Spring 2011 


A Fair and Balanced Summer

by Sara Pennebecker, NASW WI Intern, Summer 2011 


From Discrimination to Inspiration

by Rachel Fleming, NASW WI Intern, Fall 2011