The President’s Column

by Emily Kenney, MSW, LCSW

Here it is. My last article. I have been on the NASW-WI board for 5 years, and no year has been more busy and full of work than this one!  NASW has its work cut out moving forward. I know that I will be paying close attention, and I encourage you to, as well. Here are is a (non-exhaustive) list of activity I’ll be paying attention to:

  • NASW Modernization- I look forward to a more efficient and effective Association as NASW stresses its status as ONE association instead of many state chapters.
  • Professional Licensure- NASW-WI continues to fight for the strength of our profession by calling for high standards in licensure and representation of social work on the state examination board. Our profession as we know it today has been threatened, and I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve seen. Thanks to NASW, nothing final has passed through yet.
  • Proactive work in mental health parity, billing, and social work safety.
  • The Jobs and Salaries Task Force- NASW-WI continues to advocate for the value of social work in a variety of settings. I hope we can help change the script of some large employers in the state.

I have confidence in the leadership of our new president, Donna Altepeter, and I look forward to all that this next year has in store.

Though I won’t be on the board, you all haven’t seen the last of me! With all of the time that I’ll have not being on the board *wink, wink,* I plan to focus on NASW-WI’s membership. I’m currently working with NASW National’s Director of Membership to create a Membership Logic Model, which I hope to present to the board at their first meeting. If you’re interested in helping with membership, please let Christene know at so that she can put you on the Marketing and Membership listserv.

It has been such a pleasure to serve as your president. I look forward to our continued work together to make our association and our profession strong.